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Reactive diluent AGE ——(C12-14 alkyl glycidyl ether)

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In practical applications, epoxy resin will have different requirements for viscosity according to the use needs. When better leveling, impregnation and casting effects are required, users often require products with lower viscosity to meet process conditions. In this way, even ordinary bisphenol A-type epoxy resin needs to reduce its viscosity to meet demand. Adding epoxy diluent to reduce the viscosity and improve the process performance of epoxy resin is a commonly used method.


Epoxy resin diluents include inactive diluents and reactive diluents. Inactive diluents are compatible with epoxy resin, but do not participate in the curing reaction and are physically mixed. Our commonly used non-reactive diluents include xylene, acetone, etc.

Reactive diluents mainly refer to low molecular epoxy compounds containing one or more epoxy groups in their molecular structure. Reactive diluents participate in the curing reaction, reducing the viscosity of the epoxy resin and making the cured product have a higher cross-linking density. At the same time, judging from the current use environment, reactive diluents can not only meet the performance requirements of epoxy resin, but also better meet environmental protection needs. Because even if the high boiling point inactive diluent increases as the exothermic temperature of the reaction increases during the curing reaction, some of the diluent will escape and volatilize.

Our commonly used epoxy resin reactive diluent on the market, AGE, also known as C12-14 alkyl glycidyl ether, is a monofunctional low molecular weight epoxy compound. It is the most widely used diluent variety on the market.

The viscosity of AGE is usually around 10mPa.S (25℃). When the addition amount is about 15%, it can reduce the viscosity of ordinary bisphenol A-type epoxy resin (EEW=188) to 1000mpa.s, which has outstanding viscosity reducing ability. And while reducing the viscosity, it does not affect the toughness of the material.

AGE is colorless and odorless, and has advantages over similar diluents. At the same time, AGE has extremely low surface tension, which means that the material can achieve better leveling performance.

As an epoxy reactive diluent, it can be widely used in the electronics, electrical appliances, electromechanical and mechanical industries for potting, pouring, impregnation, etc. It can also be used in adhesives and used in building materials, jewelry, flooring and other industries.

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