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Introduction of DCHA

Time : 2024-03-01 Hits : 10

It is an alicyclic amine, a mixture of cis and trans isomers, and appears as a colorless liquid at room temperature. DCHA cured coatings offer the best chemical resistance and excellent whitening resistance. This product is suitable for all types of epoxy-based industrial protective coatings, including floor paints, industrial maintenance coatings, marine coatings and anti-corrosion tank linings. Compared with epoxy coatings cured by other amine products, it can give the product excellent performance with comprehensive competitiveness.


DHCA can also be used in areas such as epoxy composites, polyurethanes and polyureas.

Compared to IPDA, the characteristics of DCHA as below,

1. Low hydrogen equivalent weight (HEW)

The same weight of curing agent can cure more resin, saving the amount of curing agent and reducing costs.

2. It has low viscosity when used directly or after addition.

1) Easy to use

2) Better leveling, resulting in a smoother surface

3. Cured paint

1) Excellent chemical resistance

2) Good anti-whitening properties